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School Membership Application

Demonstrate the skill  of your graduates and educational quality of your school by becoming a member school!
Benefits of being a Certification Program School member:
  • Marketing exposure
  • Listing on our website with link
  • Newsletter article about you or by you, submit other articles about subjects that can relate back to your course offerings
  • Webinar promotion of classes
  • No yearly CE school fee, just per class approval,
  • The option to submit questions for exams and 
  • Rduced cost curriculum guidance (normally $80/hr).
Requirements: To qualify as a Certification Program School, you must offer a program that meets the requirements for your graduates to take one of the NBCAAMs exams (Equine Massage, Canine Massage, Equine Acupressure, Canine Acupressure), and meet our quality standards.

What must educational program cover?

200 HOURS OF EDUCATION from an NBCAAM approved school -or-


1.    50 hours of hands-on training must include:


  • Minimum of forty (40) hours of in person training must include:


o  Thirty (30) hours of actual demonstration, observation, and practice of massage or acupressure. 


NBCAAM defines massage as Western-based soft tissue manipulation practices. This must include, but is not limited to: Effleurage, Petrissage, Friction, Vibration, Tapotement, Compression.


o   Ten (10) hours additional hours must be in-person, but the material covered will be determined by instructors within scope of practice.


  • Case Study Requirements must be included: ten (10) independent sessions which are documented, and instructor reviewed. Case studies should include multiple animals and may include more than one session on one animal.


2.    Minimum 50 hours of A&P, Kinesiology for bodywork, Pathologies (for target animal).

3.     The remaining hours of the program must cover:

  • Behavior

  • Handling

  • Ethics

  •  Biosecurity (for target animal) 

  •  Acupressure or Massage Theory (must include):

o   Assessment and execution of bodywork,

o   Benefits of massage/acupressure

o   Contraindications for massage or acupressure

o   Practice guidelines

Cost: $299 yearly fee plus $40 application fee


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